Tag: #Scotland

  • Riddles of Time

    Riddles of Time

    The riddles of time, spirals in the sand, rinse my mind out ~Word To The Wise

  • Bathed in Beauty

    Bathed in Beauty

    Sun kissed trees, caressed with ease, gold beaming down.  Alone in the bay, lost in the rays, bathed in beauty ~Word To The Wise

  • Peace by the Sea

    Peace by the Sea

    Went down to the bay, to see the place, where the river runs out. The flow at low tide, ebbed and slowed, I found peace by the sea ~Word To The Wise

  • Waves so clear

    Waves so clear

    Water like a lake, waves so clear, I can see my face. Eyes so wide, Heart so full, I’ve been touched by Grace ~Word To The Wise

  • Save One Life

    Save One Life

    What is life worth?   How will you live on this Earth?  ~Save One Life      

  • Word To The Wise

    Word To The Wise

    “Eyes so wide, heart so full, I’ve been touched by Grace” ~Word To The Wise Sunset at Findhorn Beach