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  • Live Like a King

    Live Like a King

    Live like a King, it’s time to seize the day ~ Save One Life

  • Food for the Soul

    Food for the Soul

    “Creative life is the soul’s food and water” ~C.P Estes But a belly full of food helps too!  ~Breakfast for the Band

  • In the Mix

    In the Mix

    Huge shout out and gratitude to Clouds Hill Studio and the band, producers and contributors for bringing this vision to life. Bassist #StephanGade #Bass

  • Keys of Life

    Keys of Life

    My music is for me – my Self, my sanity, my enjoyment – it’s my vehicle on my journey into Soul Purpose in this life. It is my daily bread and my tea and biscuits. The music is creating me as I create the music!

  • Drums of Joy

    Drums of Joy

    #Kallas #Drums #Percussion