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  • Food for the Soul

    Food for the Soul

    “Creative life is the soul’s food and water” ~C.P Estes But a belly full of food helps too!  ~Breakfast for the Band

  • In the Mix

    In the Mix

    Huge shout out and gratitude to Clouds Hill Studio and the band, producers and contributors for bringing this vision to life. Bassist #StephanGade #Bass

  • Who is my music for?

    Who is my music for?

    My music is for anyone and everyone who needs my message, my sound, my light, my crazy, my inspiration, my courage! My music is for my cosmic vibe-tribe: The Wonderous The New World Creators The Dreamers The Brave Hearts The Soul Sonic Mysticians The Crazy Voyagers The HeArtists The Bringers of Light The Drinkers of…