Tag: #Inspire

  • Live in the here and now

    Live in the here and now

    Got to dare to live in the here and the now Right the wrongs rewrite the story, somehow ~BraveHeart 

  • Food for the Soul

    Food for the Soul

    “Creative life is the soul’s food and water” ~C.P Estes But a belly full of food helps too!  ~Breakfast for the Band

  • Riddles of Time

    Riddles of Time

    The riddles of time, spirals in the sand, rinse my mind out ~Word To The Wise

  • Peace by the Sea

    Peace by the Sea

    Went down to the bay, to see the place, where the river runs out. The flow at low tide, ebbed and slowed, I found peace by the sea ~Word To The Wise

  • Brave Heart Song

    Brave Heart Song

    I’m letting go of what has passed  I’m creating the future from the past  I’m letting the sun shine through   I’m living each day brand new   ~Brave Heart

  • Word To The Wise

    Word To The Wise

    “Eyes so wide, heart so full, I’ve been touched by Grace” ~Word To The Wise Sunset at Findhorn Beach